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Trikes are the real lounge chairs of the Flying Furniture range...

(New 27 speed trikes with disk brakes now from just $1790 - new improved 2010 models - see below)

Flying Furniture Cycles is Canberra's and Australia's most experienced recumbent trike retailer and sells the WORLD's best trikes fron Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE), CATRIKE, HPVelotechnik, OPTIMA and HASE. Flying Furniture also sells Australia's GREENSPEED recumbent trikes AND is Australia's most experienced has been Australia's largest Greenspeed retailer for many years. The best and largest range of trikes can be found here in Canberra at Flying Furniture Cycles. ALL available for test rides here too.


The fabulous new 2010 ICE/TRICE Adventure fully suspended trike - and it is a folding trike too - is here now for test rides! The suspended trikes from Optima i.e. the Optima Rider and fully suspended Optima Rhino FS are available. Flying Furniture is the IMPORTER and exclusive CATRIKE representative in Australia - they have a great reputation in the US, are among the lightest trikes around and start at just A$2990* for the TRAIL model with 406mm wheels, AVID disk brakes, rear mudguard, mirror and quick release wheels. (The Trail is $3170* with heavy duty rear rack and 2 sidebag panniers to give 4 pannier capacity ready for touring!) If you are seeking a fast touring trike, or a trike that is easier to pedal, the Catrike might be what you are looking for. The new 2010 model CATRIKES with disk brakes, good ground clearance and the renowned Catrike durability should be on your trike test list! (Most Catrikes models are coming or are here ready for test rides now). The CATRIKEs are simply leaving the competition for dead when test riders visit here to ride all the trikes. The VILLAGER has the vote for the World's best value touring trike for 2010!

HASE trike models

Or perhaps you want a higher, more traffic friendly trike like the German made Hase Kettwiesel with excellent stability. Flying Furniture cycles is the place to look. The new model Hase KETTWEISEL is lighter and better equipped than other similar delta trikes / frog trikes and can even be linked to a standard upright bike - a unique and great design superior and more stable in corners than any other delta/frog trike design.


Flying Furniture now also has the exceptional HPVelotechnik SCORPION trike available. And the fabulous HPVelotechnik SCORPION FX folding touring trike too! Have a look at some tasty touring trikes, the HPVelotechnik SCORPION and SCORPION fx to see how extremely well engineered they are - the ride on these is just oh so smooth and the handling and braking precise and easy. The SCORPION FX is equal first in my vote for the "World's absolute best touring trike" for 2010 - equal first with the ICE "ADVENTURE 2FS or 3FS" models - which are a tad lighter, with excellent rear suspension, and the TRICE are less expensive here by several hundred dollars - very competively priced with trikes that don't even offer suspension!

2010 model $1790 SPORTS TRIKE:

For 2010 we continue with the 27 speed Tadpole style recumbent trikes with disk brakes - starting from just AUD$1790 ! At $1790 with disk brakes and Dura-ace Bar-end shifters as standard they EASILY are the best equipped trikes under $2500 with high quality disk brakes and standard with 27 speeds, yes twenty SEVEN speeds, and also there now is the $1690.00 24 speed touring trike with disk brakes - sturdy and strong (AND with a seperable frame for transport), the cromoly steel framed touring model is available for test rides now.

The best value trike in Australia! Yellow for 2010 with flag, mirror, rear mudguard and HEADREST included - ready to ride!

The very high quality $1790 trikes have as standard excellent handling (improved on the new JC-7010 model), 27 speeds, 2 powerful and very reliable cable actuated front disk brakes, variable seat angle (add an extra kit for a *very* variable seat angle), rear mudguard, a super comfortable padded ventilated seat and HEADREST included - you'll find this seat one of most supportive and comfortable seats you've ever tried now standard with a cool open weave "airfilter" foam seat pad, and one of these new trikes can be packed to fit into a standard bike box - more easily than most folding trikes - a clever design - so you wont have ANY trouble catching that plane or bus with your trike where it is better to box your bike/trike.

Flying furniture has the new and even better / new improved 2010 model available now! It is the JC-7010 and only Flying Furniture has this upgarded version! (For 2010 the $1790 SPORTS TRIKES - are available in a Yellow) but pretty much any colour can be ordered.

You can read a review of the older 2008 model tadpole trike by clicking **here** - it sold as an "actionbent tadpole" in the USA but remember it isn't an actionbent - it is sold by FlyingFurniture in Australia so it is assembled and tested by my experienced hands before you get it - fully assembled and tested before delivery. Specs change all the time and may be different from the "Actionbent Tadpole" so please email for full details.The specs on these trikes here are usually always better than those trikes sent to the USA!


Have a peek at the NEW $2790 electric assist model photo below - a unique upgrade by Flying Furniture (For 2010 the $2790 ELECTRIC SPORTS TRIKES - ie with ELECTRIC ASSIST are also available in a Yellow) The electric kit is a road legal 200Watt motor with a lilghtweight 10 amp hour Lithium battery giving around 40-50 km of really strong assist power. AND you still get the full use of front and rear gearing! The trike below is shown fitted with the unobtrusive electric assist kit with battery and throttle AND a front fairing - a real car alternative and lighter, faster in real-life stop start use and really a thousand times more useful than a heavy cumbersome velomobile! It is hard to believe how much better these new 2010 model electric kits work on a trike than on a standard upright electric assist bike! (And I can also add that these trikes seem a whole more sensible than an electric or "hybrid" car too! The electric trike below with a fairing makes towing 2 children in a bike/child trailer so easy and so weather proof too you when you ride one you may also wonder why everyone doesn't have one! Hopefully everyone sensible will ride one soon!)

The great value robust cromo frame 27 speed touring trike

Flying Furniture Cycles is Greenspeed's best and most successful Australian retailer as judged by previous year's sales (Yes we have sold more Greenspeeds than anyone else) so you know you'll get the best advice regarding Greenspeeds right here!

The 2010 Greenspeed folding trike model lineup looks to remain static this year again - Most Greenspeed models probably need a bit of an update/modernisation really but with manufacturing of most (all?) Greenspeeds now in Taiwan this update process seems a bit slower than some might like I think... they have been it seems just concentrating on trying to improve their delta/frog design ANURA and the GLYDE Velomobile recently. The folding trikes i.e. the 2010 GT1 and GT3 (new Series II model), GT5 (new Series II model), X1, X3 and X5 models are all available now from our new showroom in Downer Business Park in CANBERRA. You also might like to visit the specials page for regular Greenspeed special offers on demo trikes and my Greenspeed info page, or keep reading to see the other excellent trike options.

Of course, at Flying Furniture Cycles in Canberra you can always test ride heaps of demo test trikes - all side by side and make up your own mind which are the most up-to-date designs, best handling and best riding trikes available. And of course you can test the new "Greenspeed ANURA trike" which can also be linked to form a tandem .
This is a linkage system directly copied from HASE in Germany that means you can connect two ANURA Trikes to form a tandem - what's more two trikes and the linkage are less expensive AND much more versatile than any tandem - you can "unlink" the trikes in 10 seconds and ride each trike seperately - a great idea. When linked together each rider can change gears and pedal independently - meaning a weaker rider can rest while the other still pedals! The HASE KETTWEISEL of course as the original successful delta design also offers this option - you can link two (or MORE!) HASE trikes together too!! The HASE Kettweisel is a very VERY stable delta design - by far the most stable and it works brilliantly when linked. The rider's weight is positioned oh so carefully on the HASE to maximise stability - the best stabilty in their class by far.

Of course, the WizWheelz Cruiser trike at $1990 is also available, the WizWheelz trike has 24 speeds - and can be upgraded to 27 speed here at Flying Furniture and suits some riders well. Please email for full details and photos.

My extensive triking experience is a useful resource to help you choose the best commuting, touring or performance trike for your money, as well as appropriate parts and gearing for your needs. In 1999 I discussed the design of a new race trike with Ian Sims of Greenspeed - a trike which would become the GLR, Greenspeed's fastest production trike which I rode in the 1999 HPV World Championships and in the 1200km Audax randonneur of Paris-Brest-Paris. In 2001 I helped design the layout for the MR Components Swiftlet - Michael Rogan's and perhaps the world's fastest unfaired trike at that time - now that mantle belongs to the Catrikes! The Swiftlet and I went on to win the World HPV multi-track (ie trike) class Championship in August 2001.

The Swiftlet race trike

Some other "great moments" in triking? In April 2001 I was the first to suggest that trike steering geometry change - by changing the angle of the steering kingpins a designer can eliminate "brake steer". Most trike manufacturers have now adopted this proposal! Great examples of "brake steer" free trikes are the ultra stable ICE/TRICE trikes (ICE were the first to adopt this in late 2001!), the HPVelotechnik SCORPIONs and the CATRIKEs - all excellent trikes with "world best practice" handling and braking. In 2001 I also completed a design and built for myself a touring trike with rear fairing which could be separated/folded to all fit inside ONE travel bag of dimensions 840mm x 500mm x 340mm! This trike later was modified in 2003 to become my "freight trike" - ie it has an extended middle section to carry large boxes and other goods.

I've done many many thousands of kilometres on lots of trikes.

You can use your trike everyday, ride to the shops, to work or wherever. Also I've previously stated (in OzHPV Inc's magazine HUFF) that trikes can be excellent in the following situations:

1. Racing other trikes (trike racing is fun)
2. Riding the very longest of European Audax style events if you intend to ride all day and all night for days on end. While a trike is not absolutely necessary for this it may give a greater feeling of stability in these circumstances.
3. In areas with many bike paths. Riding a curvy bike path and dodging pedestrians is quite fun too.
And I could also add:
4. As a basis for a fully faired vehicle, though in Australian conditions you will quickly find that pedalling a heavy fully faired vehicle is a rather hot and sweaty experience.
5. Combined with just a Windwrap front fairing to keep you warm in a cold country winter and the elements at bay - these have proved very effective here in Canberra on cold frosty mornings - just using a Windwrap front fairing still allows plenty of air circulation so condensation is eliminated.

In 1997-1998 I reviewed 7 tricycles from 5 Australian manufacturers for the Australian Human Powered Vehicle group (OzHPV Inc.). Trikes were starting to be very popular in Australia back then and still are. [The review, which was published in Australian Cyclist and internationally, helped to promote the Australian trike manufacturers. I even bought a trike after I wrote it.] But trikes are much more popular in Australia than the rest of the world… Why is it so?

Bikes generally are easier to use (there must be several billion in the world for a reason) ... and trikes are thought to be, by most people, generally too cumbersome, too heavy; too slow; too low and too expensive.

But not all are, of course... I can help you choose the best performing recumbent trike for your needs. A truly great recumbent trike is one that fits your needs perfectly but isn't too heavy or hard to pedal. My advice is sound and based on experience of the Australian manufacturers.

It is true that anyone, even a lot of semi-abled people, can jump on a trike and usually pedal off without much instruction…and that easy first ride might be a great reason for you to buy a trike....Come and try a selection of trikes at Flying Furniture cycles and weigh up your choices in a side by side comparison.

More on trikes:
The view you get on a trike is pretty good. You might be low enough to miss a few good vistas but generally being on a "heads up" recumbent you will see a great deal of scenery. But you should generally ride trikes with caution on city streets and narrow country roads. Be aware that if you are below the level of the windows in the cars around you, your flag might be seen, but it is still more difficult for you to see other cars and judge intersections…

And trike stability and safety is a much vaunted positive - let me guide you to the best trike models around.

for more information about any of the bikes you see on this site,
please call Ian on 0419 697 405,
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