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Several models of touring bikes are now available including :

1. ToutTerrain - The complete range of the worlds most serious tourers eg PanAmericana.
(more details soon!)

2. Airnimal Joey - with 27 speeds a great riding fast, light and quick folding touring bike.

3. Airnimal Chameleon - The ultimate fast, light, folding, "suitcase" touring bike.

4. Airnimal Rhino - The ultimate folding, off road touring, "suitcase" travel bike.

Most models are in stock and available for test rides. Please email Ian for ToutTerrain and further AIRNIMAL bike info.

Airnimal Chameleon folder - the ULTIMATE touring bike.

The Airnimal Chameleon folding bike is designed for performance and comfort AND it can be a folded into a suitcase in under 3 minutes or into a soft bag in under 40 seconds, the latter without any tools !

With your choice of drop handlebars or straight handlebars and pannier racks.

Most folding bikes put portability high on the agenda, with the ability to ride far and fast taking second place. Airnimal Designs has taken the opposite approach. The Chameleon is designed to ride like a high-quality lightweight machine (it is a sub-9kg to 11kg depending on components), be stiff enough to carry four full standard sized panniers AND yet still fold very compactly for travel.

The Airnimal can be placed into its bag in under 40 seconds With racks at just the rear or the front too

More on the Chameleon: Quickness of folding was not one of the main design criteria for the Chameleon, as it was thought that there are already excellent bikes on the market that achieve this. The challenge was to produce something that rides as well as, if not better than, a 700C road bike or a 26" mtb, but at the same time gives a most compact fold...but you can still fold the excellent riding Chameleon and slide it into its softbag in less than 40 seconds and all without tools - so you can use the Chameleon as a commuter too. You get the ultimate touring bike and a fast fold commuter in just ONE superb package.

The Chameleon has an oversized Aluminium frame with comfort enhancing elastomer rear suspension to soak up road irregularities and carbon-fibre forks or touring forks with front rack mounts, and can be built up as a fully accessorised touring bike or even as a time trial bike! Is is an ideal touring bike and could even be used for the longest of Audax events. With fast accelerating 24" wheels and a lightweight AND stiff frame, it truly climbs like an Airnimal, yet the 24" wheels still allow excellent stability for fast, safe descents.

The Chameleon now costs from $2590 with triple chainrings - proper gears!

Since 2005 the Airnimal Chameleon has been joined by two siblings, the Airnimal Joey and off-road, expedition capable Airnimal Rhino.

The Airnimal Rhino is a serious mountain bike or a tourer - it can be fitted with racks and 4 panniers and yet can still be used as commuter - it packs into a soft bag in about 45 seconds or a suitcase in around 3 minutes.
The Airnimal Rhino - a serious mountain bike or a tourer - it can be fitted with racks and 4 panniers. The Airnimal Rhino - in its case with plenty of room to spare.

See the Airnimal website for details.

The Airnimal Joey Tourer
The new Joey "touring" model, like all the "Airnimals" shown here, is not your average folding bike - you can fit racks and panniers and pack it into a suitcase too - it is lightweight and the 24" wheels means it rolls easily and performs like a real bike! It might even ride better than the bike you have now! The Joey costs from $2100 for the 24 and 27 speed versions, or even fit a Rolhoff 14 speed hub gear!
The Airnimal Joey - for the everyday serious commuter The Airnimal Joey - for the everyday serious commuter

Visit Airnimal on the web to read the reviews and see more photos of the above bikes, and see Carradice SQR bags on the web to see the range of seat-post quick release bags which work so well with the touring bikes. The SQR bags will fit your current bike too. Simply email the address below for current Australian prices.

for more information about any of the bikes you see on this site,
please call Ian on 0419 697 405,
or e-mail him at