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Early history of recumbents...

Recumbent bikes are not really unusual in Australia, with some old-timers remembering the first ones arriving in the early 1930s during their first burst of popularity. Unfortunately this popularity ended quickly when the International cycle-racing organisation, the UCI, banned them from racing due to their obvious aerodynamic superiority. It was the French rider, Francis Faure who broke several of the established world cycling records, including the prestigious one hour record, which led to the ban on this type of bicycle in April, 1934. (Faure rode the Charles Mochet designed "Velocar" recumbent bike over 45km in one hour in the 1930's)

More recently...
The resurgence of these bikes has seen racing occur outside the strict UCI rules. World Championships are now held every year alternating between North America and Europe, though racing has been mostly centred in the more cycle friendly European countries. We have been holding HPV races in Australia since 1990.

Recumbent Links:

The International Human Powered Vehicle Association or IHPVA.

Australia's Human Powered group : Oz HPV Inc.

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