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OPTIMA recumbents - Racing bikes, Touring bikes and Touring Trikes.

After a few visits to Europe for various Audax rides and Human Powered Vehicle races I was convinced Optima and M5 were (and still are in my opinion) the leading recumbent brands from The Netherlands with cutting edge design and manufacturing and excellent craftmanship which others can only try to copy.

There are Optima recumbents in stock here in Canberra for test rides now including one of the world's most trusted touring recumbents - the Optima LYNXX - click here for details.

Another personal favourite recumbent is the OPTIMA BARON. And if you feel the need for speed, the famous and popular Optima Baron low racer is available direct from Flying Furniture cycles too. A World Record setting bike (349km ridden in 6 hours). The Baron wont disappoint as a much more comfortable bike almost definitely faster than your current bike! Amazingly, the Baron can also be fitted with 4 panniers to take it touring too. The Optima BARON is probably the only lightweight bike you can race at World Championship level, yet also ride to work everyday AND take it on holiday tours too. It is the rarest of breeds - low enough for maximum performance but with both chains high enough to clear the front wheel.

AND now available with several super lightweight carbon fibre upgrade options - fork, boom, seat, handlebars and telescopic carbon stem! The Baron XLOW race model can weigh under 9kg. Click on the photo for more info.

The Optima Baron Low Racer - click on the photo for more info

Prices for a complete Optima Baron start around AUD $3,700 with 3x9 speeds - other groupsets available. (Framesets are also available by special order - please enquire)

The popular and race proven Baron is probably the best ever designed low racer - where the drive side chain runs just above the front wheel so steering and turning are unaffected, U-turns in 1 lane are easy AND the seat height allows good visibility. The BARON rider's eye height is also _above_ window height of cars, but the Baron is still low enough for excellent aerodynamics and maximum speed.

Add a rear tailfairing (with luggage capacity if required) or luggage bags for carrying commuting or Audax stuff and you're set to leave your friends behind with the Baron's speed! When setup for touring , it can carry up to 4 panniers with 2 standard rear panniers and RadicalDesign sidebags - or just fit the Baron Aerobags - a lightweight aero pannier set suitable for commuting and Audax events.

The BARON now comes standard with front disk brake - perfect for fast, safe stops from high speed or optionally fit a lightweight front fork and dual pivot caliper road bike brakes front and rear.

Options include:

  • Aerodynamic luggage bags
  • Aerodynamic rear tailfairings and full racing fairings
  • Carbon fibre super lightweight accessories: Bladed carbon fibre fork, carbon fibre Aero boom piece, carbon fibre seat and carbon fibre stem and handlebar unit
  • Aerodynamic wheelsets from Velocity and carbon wheelsets from X-treme
  • optional special lower slung (XLOW) racing frame (for the true racer - the chain runs beside the front wheel on this model)
  • rear luggage rack

The LYNXX, DOLPHIN, COUGAR, CHEETAH are available now too.

The new COUGAR (pictured below) is OPTIMA's "high racer" model - very speedy and light and suitable for riding in a peleton with your friends on upright bikes - they will be able to draft you on this bike. It also has to be the most gorgeous looking Aluminium bike ever produced too! Available in TEAM and PRO versions. AND Flying Furniture can fit the COUGAR with optional 559mm/26" wheels and even front suspension for a lightweight luxurious dual suspended ride.

The Optima Cougar 'High Racer' light and fast with 2 big wheels of 571mm/650C or optional 559mm/26inch.

Other Optima recumbents are available also. Visit the Optima website


The Optima Rider (and the new fully suspended Optima Rhino trike) models are also available. Have a look at the Optima Rhino pictured below.

The Optima Rhino full suspension trike with 406mm/20inch wheels

Visit the Optima website or email for info.

for more information about any of the bikes you see on this site,
please call Ian on 0419 697 405,
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