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The Flying Furniture NEWS page.

You probably know by know that Flying Furniture sells the best and broadest range of recumbent bikes and trikes in Australia as well as the ULTIMATE upright folding bike designs from Airnimal Designs in the UK...

I have for the moment decided against upgrading to a a fancy shopping website, I just want to provide info and for visitors to my shop here, still the ONLY place to test rides lots of recumbents and the best folding bikes around... A test ride of several brands and models *side by side* here is worth a thousand biased web reviews...



The new Flying Furniture website will be live in a few weeks with on-line purcahsing and details of the exceptionally wide range of bikes, trikes and e-assist kits and recumbent specific parts and wheels and tyres etc available - stay tuned for updates and the switch over to the new site. My email should also now be more reliable too, thankfully!

MORE NEW stock has arrived - ICE full suspension trikes and HPVelotechnik SCORPION FS (full suspension) trikes can now be tested side by side here. The complete range of CATRIKES is also here and the E-assist trikes are all in stock now for test rides. The BACCHETTA carbon-aero race bike with 700C wheels is the latest bike to arrive too. Now in stock! The HPVelotechnik GRASSHOPPER FX folding touring bike is also here to test side by side with the ICE B1 and B2 folding recumbent bikes. In fact there are too many new bikes and trikes to mention here - they'll all be on the new site when it is up and running - contact me now via email if you need something now or want a special on current stock - I am sure I have the exact TRIKE and / or bike or folder for you at the very best competitive the best quality / best designed low cost disk brake equipped trikes now from just $1590.00 (ie $1590 including free interstate freight!)

JUNE 2010

The Baron continues to be one of the best selling bikes from Optima. The latest development is the new lighter Baron Elite. It is a new special model with a new carbon rear section. It is called the Baron Elite. It is in the shop now for test rides! (and the Baron is still the best quasi-low racer available - but even better now with the Baron frame stiffness combined with the excellent ride quality of the carbon rear stays!)

And the new BARON Folder! This is the folding recumbent everyone in the world has been waiting for folds in 10 seconds and is light and FAST !
(AND most importantly it is REAR wheel drive - so it doesn't have all the problems that a Front wheel drive bike has).
Jump from the train (or plane) with your OPTIMA BARON FOLDED, unfold it and start your day tour or Audax event or pull it from the boot of your car and go riding in just 10 seconds...incredible!
Pricing coming soon - available here from October 2010 (maybe September?)

See the video on Youtube:

New 2010 ICE TRICE FULL SUSPENSION TRIKE - All models available!

eg: ICE / TRICE Adventure 2FS (full suspension) model with Flexibility pack ie Front and rear Mudguards, rear rack, and chain ring guard and also a neckrest included. All TRICE models are available here with prices for the Trice Adventure and Trice Sprint folding recumbents ie folding trikes starting at around $3400 - with free interstate delivery included

New prices on new 2010 GREENSPEED GT series II TRIKES this month! Prices reduced!

See the specials page !

eg new 2010 GT1 Trike just $2490! GT3 just $2990, GT5 just $3490 ! And all Greenspeed trikes come with over $200 of your choice of free accessories and upgrades...and free interstate freight.

AND ....

The new ZIGO Leader Child transport trike, stroller, jogger and trailer system is now in the shop to test!

We'll have this at much better than RRP ie A Total Zigo kit with combined child carrier and bike, rain cover, second harness, stroller kit, trailer kit, rain cover and rear rack is just.... $????. See the specials page for pricing!

The Zigo uses a 7 speed WIDE RANGE hub/enclosed gear system and WITHIN 30 SECONDS changes modes... The Zigo� Leader� is a multifunctional carrier bicycle for transporting children that transforms in an instant into a light-weight sporty bike and separate stroller. Thanks to the ingenious patent-pending Leaderlink� system, the Zigo� Leader� transforms between modes within 30 seconds even while your child remains seated.


DECEMBER visiting/opening hours are:

Mon: 10am-5:45pm by appointment.

Tue: 10am-4:45pm by appointment.

Wed: 11am-5:45pm by appointment.

Thu: 10am-5:45pm by appointment.

Fri: Noon-5pm by appointment.

Sat: Please phone well ahead.

And we'll be closed for a short break between December 17th and January 6th (reopening January 7th)

Note: There is lots of new stock in the store right now - all pre-assembled / fully assembled and ready to pick up or freight (including Bacchettas, Catrikes, Optimas, Performer etc etc - you can phone for a special pre-end of year deal or contact me via email for info on a few sale items to grab a bargain!


Flying Furniture will be closed for the first 2.5 weeks of August 2009, thanks. My phone voicemail message will ask you to contact Flying Furniture via email :-) Please understand there may be delays to email enquiries in August (but hopefully not September too...)

There will be a limited SALE of bikes and trikes starting in mid-August / September 2009 with lots of new stock arriving now - contact me via email for the sale items to grab a bargain!

The following new stock has arrived or is arriving in July / August:

1. Two new types of 20"/406mm wheel 27 speed FOLDING bikes with suspension and DISK brakes arriving. Priced at only $1790 these have the best specs of any folding bike under A$2500 available anywhere in Australia! The disk brakes eliminate all the braking problems of all the other small (16"and 20") wheel folding bikes available.

2. New OPTIMA LYNXX 26/20 and OPTIMA ORCA 26/26 recumbent bikes have arrived - all complete with rear rack and mirror and wide range gearing - 27 speed (ready to ride) these are the best value and have the best specs and best design of any commuting / touring recumbent bike under A$3700 available anywhere in Australia! Free mudguard set included with any new LYNXX order in August and September

3. New BACCHETTA carbon highracers now available with dual 700C/622mm wheelsize. These are race and Audax/randonnee proven BACCHETTA designs. The new GIRO ATT aluminum frame bikes setup with dual 700C wheels are also available. Look out for some special hot "TEAM ISSUE" Bacchettas. Make an appointment to test ride a dual 700C BACCHETTA highracer in the shop here now!

4. New model recumbent trikes arriving - at only $1790 with triple crankset, Bar-end shifters and wide range gearing these have the best specs and best design of any recumbent trike under A$2500 available anywhere in Australia! Ask Australia's only expert recumbent shop for advice on why these excel...

5. The new 2009/2010 OPTIMA BARONs have arrived and I've just assembled a lovely "pearl white" BARON for a customer with some cool lightweight bits and pieces ie a carbon-fibre stem, handlebars and a lightweight carbon-fibre seat. The OPTIMA BARON is the gold standard in how to build a fast recumbent that is both light and stiff and race AND commuter ready. Improved and lighter for 2009/10.

6. The new 2009/2010 OPTIMA COUGAR highracer BARONs are arriving soon - with some cool lightweight bits and pieces ie a carbon-fibre stem, handlebars and a lightweight carbon-fibre seat etc these weigh from just 10.5kg and that is with the plush rear suspension. Like all standard OPTIMA's they are both light and stiff and race AND commuter ready. The last few I had here rode so very very nicely too....

Other news:

Seven different trike manufacturers are now represented here at Flying Furniture but the Catrikes trikes continue to outsell all the other test ride trikes here. They of course have also been voted trike of the year every year since 2001.... It really just takes one test ride to see how much these have leap-frogged other unsuspended designs through revolutionary and patented design. Catrikes are now mostly kept in stock for immediate delivery. Catrikes are lighterweight, stronger, better engineered, the only recumbent trike with a lifetime frame warranty, and they have quick release wheels and boom and are easily "packable" for transport. Catrikes use an unique ultra stable steering geometry and the most adjustable steering design ever for superb handling. These are THE most popular choice of touring and commuting trikes among test riders here. NOTE: Free shipping of all CATRIKE models across AUSTRALIA for orders in September 2009.
(If you want suspension check out the TRICE and HPVelotechnik Scorpion models - the best suspended trikes available - both have the essential advantage for touring and commuting of using the 20" wheelsize)

More recent records to M5:

Recently the "open" class world hour record previously held by an M5 carbon highracer rider from The Netherlands has been bettered again - again by another M5 rider but this time on the proven lowracer design - yes, the classic but obviously as yet unsurpassed design which has been used to set many of the other previous recumbent world records using the "short wheelbase" recumbent "lowracer" design. See the M5 website for details of the world record. This record (set by a French amateur rider) is as it should be well beyond the current UCI (upright bike design) record - well done to both of these M5 riders!

Also of note is that a 4 man recumbent bike team also finished first in the 4 man division of Race Across America (RAAM) last month, but we'll have to wait a while longer before we get some faster/stronger riders to smash the upright bike rider race record there...these guys rode the unusual LWB "Xtreme" design from RANS. The BACCHETTA bikes 4 person team still hold the 4 person recumbent race record for this race. (and the 1 person and 2 person RAAM recumbent records too!)

Flying Furniture Sponsorship for strong / fast riders?

Recently Flying Furniture "sponsored" a local ACT rider with the use of one of the fast new highracer recumbent test bikes. If like local ACT rider Ben, you are a strong rider on an upright bike you'll positively fly on a fast recumbent - email me your racing resume and we can discuss sponsorship. (This offer is open to very very strong and fast cyclists with verifiable performances - conditions apply)

MAY 2009

Flying Furniture has new stock arriving and some backlog of emails to get through, thanks.

APRIL 2009

I've just rewritten or reinstalled some lost website files. My ISP lost some information on their server again recently. (Including the specials on the specials page - I'll upload one or two more there asap :-) Please resend any recent emails that you haven't yet had a reply to (most were backed up though).


Hello and happy 2009 to everyone. A small delay to getting back to work here and some orders when my computer died within 15 minutes of being switched on the first day of work 2009. Please resend any recent emails that you haven't yet had a reply to (most were backed up, bar just a few).

Note: Flying Furniture is closing for just 1 week at the end of January 2009 (ie closed Jan 17th to Jan 27th, reopening on January 28th 2009).

It has been a surprisingly busy December and January. Thanks everyone for all the continuing orders :-) I've had quite few repeat customers back these last 2-3 months.

Check out the specials page for all JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2009 SPECIALS

News: There are still about 40 bikes and trikes here in the shop - most for test ride purposes so do visit and make sure you buy the right bike or trike for you. The new arrivals here now include the ICE B1 folding touring recumbent bike - a great looking bike indeed - and the new load carriers - substantial front and rear racks and of course the new TOUT TERRAIN Panamericana dual suspension touring bike with the new Maverick SC32 pannier ready suspension forks - all available here. And more, the Spinburn Curve new dual 20" wheel folding/travel bike with dual Avid disk brakes - a great little folding bike for the discerning cyclist. Email me for some further details - available now!


Just a few small entries for these months - I've had some time off with my daughter and been ill myself so have just been trying to meet current customers orders - not much time for website lately. Sorry everyone.

The Australian dollar has fallen from it 95+ cent mark vs the US dollar too so it looks like my prices for 2009 will be rising unfortunately - but I do have lots of recumbent bikes and trikes in stock at 2008 prices - so contact me soon to get a great price on the stock I have before the rise! I am slowly catching up on email replies so please be patient if you can. Note the still great 2008 prices on the fabulous OPTIMA ORCA and OPTIMA BARON models !!

I'll also try an post my own review of the M5 carbon highracer soon. What a cool bike!
The M5 Carbon High Racer (M5CHR) is clearly technically the best recumbent ever made - M5 have proven again they are 10 years ahead of everyone else. (Oh but BACCHETTA are releasing their new CARBON AERO model in early 2009 and that like all BACCHETTAs will be great too I'm sure - there is nothing like race proven speed and handling. BACCHETTA for example hold all 3 male race across America recumbent records now too - in the one man, two man team AND four man team divisions - riding with both the carbon Aero and even using the cool CORSA - clearly THE best recumbent model for performance, lightweight, value or is that actually the BACCHETTA STRADA.) And here's some info from BACCHETTA "Road testing of the BACCHETTA CarbonAero 2.0 frame began in early September but its first big challenge came when John Schlitter rode it in the Last Chance 1200km in mid September. He managed to finish the ride in just under 50 hours for a new course record. That's 1200km in about 2 days !! John said the bike handled perfectly throughout the ride. �It rolled very well .... I was able to maintain my speeds while going up and over the huge rollers in Kansas.� John also called the ride quality �very good� and added �it�s stiff when applying power for climbs or sprinting but it also has that great vibration dampening you expect with carbon.� Confirmation of the new frame�s climbing abilities came just a few weeks later while John was riding in the Sierra Nevada�s just east of Fresno, CA. �I did some very long steady climbs while holding a good average speed and never went into serious oxygen debt.� John also added that the return trip down the mountain was a real confidence builder. �The bike did exactly what I was expecting, it was rock steady.� I think we can safely say that this new Bacchetta flagship bike does not just continue the Aero�s legacy but takes it up another notch.� Keep a watch on for its formal release - it is not yet released.

And I guess you really really don't need my review of the M5 CHR - an M5 CHR rider has just bettered the existing world one hour unfaired record on 24/10/2008 - riding 50.4 Kilometres in one hour - to add yet another world record for M5 - see the M5 website for details. PS this easily betters the current UCI upright bike record too.

What's a world record for recumbent? It sorts the hype from the proven - some bikes are so hyped with favourable reviews on sites with paid advertising you'd think they are "world beaters" - when actually riding and racing them (*side by side* with the better designs) would show their designs up as pretty awful...there are currently still too many bad (and even quite ugly!) recumbent designs around getting undeserved "good" reviews. Be wary out there in internet land! You can test ride lots of different models here so please visit and see for yourself how easy/fast the best recumbents in the world are to pedal.

SPECIALS: The 15 or so bikes and trikes etc etc on the July 08 specials list removed and those specials are well and truly finished - sorry you missed those if you just tuned in. There are just a few continuing specials and bargains on that page now....should now be updated regularly if time / my health allows. Happy riding!

JULY 2008

Over 15 fabulous bikes and trikes on special for just 1 week in July ONLY until Friday 18th July! Check out the specials page now ! (Yes these are the specials I didn't get around to selling last month!) And some other bikes now available! OPTIMA BARON model from $2890 ready to race! And the NEW folding touring and commuting trikes (with 20" wheels!) to fit in your car's boot arriving - disk brakes - mesh seat 27 and 81 speed models!!

JUNE 2008

OPTIMA ORCA and OPTIMA LYNXX bike models back in stock and available again. OPTIMA ORCA 26/26 models available with rear rack included.

MAY 2008

NEW models of recumbent bikes and trike arriving in May - email Ian for more info in MAY.
NEW folding touring and commuting trikes (with 20" wheels!) to fit in your car's boot arriving - disk brakes - mesh seat 27 and 81 speed models !!
NEW recumbent touring and commuting bikes - with TWO 26" wheels - ie the same common size "Mountain bike" 26"/559mm wheels front and rear.
NEW dual suspension recumbent touring and commuting bikes - with TWO 26" wheels - ie the same common size "Mountain bike" 26"/559mm wheels front and rear.


My ISP lost a server and lost the news of MARCH/APRIL, ooops. Lots happened. Lots of new items.

FEBRUARY 2008 - click on pics for larger images

NEW LOCATION and OPENING HOURS NOTE: Flying Furniture Cycles is located in DOWNER BUSINESS PARK which is in DOWNER, in CANBERRA, ACT, AUSTRALIA. Send Ian an email or phone to make an appointment. Visits by appoinment only so you will always receive our full attention when you visit.

The TRIKEs are again great value this month - still - and with such a good reaction to the December specials, you can now always get a new 27 speed trike for under $2000 - a complete trike ready to ride with 27 speeds, disk brakes, flag, headrest and metallic paint - while stocks last !

DECEMBER / JANUARY 2007 - click on pics for larger images

OPENING HOURS NOTE: Flying Furniture Cycles is closed from 5pm Thursday Dec 20th until approx January 4th 2008. Send Ian an email though and he'll reply asap - he will check email occasionally to answer q's and make January appointments.
We hope you've all had a great year and have a great break too. What a great 2007 we had here!

New OPTIMA LYNXX 26/20 and OPTIMA 26/26 bikes have arrived to be setup/assembled soon. New 2008 Optima BARON here too! (You can test ride the Raptor and Baron and VK2 and other racers all side by side - hmmmm) The TRIKE specials are continuing for Dec/Jan too! The Tadpole trike is still very popular - a complete trike ready to ride with 27 speeds, disk brakes, flag, headrest and metallic paint - while stocks last !

OCTOBER / NOVEMBER 2007 - click on pics for larger images

TRIKE specials this month only - until November 30th! The Tadpole trike has had $100 slaaaassshed from its price - complete and ready to ride with 27 speeds, disk brakes, flag, headrest and metallic paint !

When you order a new CATRIKE you always get the most up to date cutting edge design and highest quality ! Each and every Catrike is hand made and assembled to order - in super quick time too.

A special offer from Catrike is orders before Dec 15th is the non-standard metallic "sparkle red" and and metallic "sparkle blue" at no extra cost. And more - Candy Purple sparkle colour on a CATRIKE Expedition - free until the offer from Catrike expires !

*Standard colours at usual prices - eg CATRIKE TRAIL model in silver or yellow.

The Catrike TRAIL is still easily the most popular trike here! One test ride seems to show everyone here just how great and how well engineered a TRAIL is compared to other trikes in this price bracket. (Consequently, I now have a WizWheelz CRUISER at a giveaway price - just email - too many other great trikes here to choose from!)

September 2007 - click on pics for larger images

After a few years in Watson, Flying Furniture is moving into new much larger premises. And there will be more test bikes added to Australia's widest, broadest, fattest, biggest and best range of recumbent bikes AND trikes AND folding bikes. Yes that's right - new business premises, new showroom - and check out the specials page soon for some extra special opening specials!

Opening hours of the new premises will still be by appointment - please email or phone to arrange a visit and test rides.

New model just announced: A new folding recumbent bike, the HPVelotechnik Grasshopper FX is unveiled - it folds easily and quickly for car/bus/train/plane transport - a handy feature on one of the very very best touring recumbents available. Order now - first in first served on the GRASSHOPPER FX folder. Email for pictures/more pictures.

New Grasshopper FX folding recumbent

And some news of August's Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km Audax Brevet/ride held every 4 years (in France of course)

Congratulations to the Aussie recumbent riders Andrew Heard from Tassie on an M5 ti ShockProof, and Simon Watt from Vic on an Optima BARON and local ACT rider Peter Heal (on a Flying Furniture provided frame) who all finished. Special mention can be made also of the Dutch M5 team of riders, two of whom, riding new M5 carbon highracers, managed the 1227km in just under 58 hours and 65 hours respectively (these are total times including all stops) Andrew Heard's ride was also particularly noteworthy as his bike was stolen 2 weeks before the ride - by good fortune M5 were able to lend him a similar bike to complete the ride. Very very well done! There are more and more recumbent riders on this event each time it is held. From Vic recumbent rider Peter Mathew's short post ride write up:

>>> "The rain teemed down. It was difficult to see, brake, steer, talk or do much else. Unlike my previous experiences there was not much interaction with other riders - we were all concentrating too hard.... A number of people have skin probs due to extended saturation - a bit like the old fashioned trench foot." <<<

It is an unique and great event in bad weather and good weather. Peter Mathews (Flying Furniture "PBP special" rider who has cpmpleted PBP before on his Flying Furniture bike) and Glenn Druery (also riding a Flying Furniture provide Velokraft NoCom) were 2 of the many DNF riders in the Paris Brest Paris event but with that sort of weather there were many others who did not finish too. The NoCom wouldn't have been fun at all in the rain - eek! Riding is supposed to be fun after all. So congratulations to all who finished or even started and rode some of PBP 2007. I personally look forward to riding the event again in 2011, hopefully in good weather. I participated in 1999 (finished 1250km in 69 hours 15 min) and 2003 (less fit and ill the second time around!) and really really hope to return next time! (Carbon offsets for my flights required though!)

August 2007

Update of June entry...Yes, as expected, the Optima Raptor (the Optima Baron lookalike sibling with carbon tubing) is a fabulous, fast ride - it looks so much better in the flesh/sunlight than the photo below! Customers who have seen it here have all been positive about its looks. So some history? About the only thing the OPTIMA guys could do to make the world best lowracer better (The BARON has outsold all others too) is to make an even lighter/ even higher performance version - and they've done it very sucessfully - with the same super stiff reinforced headtube area as the newest super strong BARON and lots of nicely integrated carbon parts, including rear stays, this is a winner even in its stock setup. I've put together a few custom setups now too, mainly some different gearing options, with some more tweaks to come. Essentially though it seems as stiff as a Baron but the ride is silky smooth over the rougher roads. Very very nice indeed.

JUNE 2007

Now at Flying Furniture you have access to the best advice on all the best TRIKE makes and models. Now available are trikes from SEVEN different manufacturers and there are heaps of models here to test ride. Visit to choose by experience which suits you and feels and rides the best and don't be fooled by the hype that abounds on the net. Or just email for objective experience and advise on what should suit you best.

The new BARON=>"RAPTOR" carbon fibre tube low racer bike based on the BARON is here now!! As soon as I get a good ride in I'll report on how it goes... OPTIMA have named this new model the RAPTOR - of course it is a BARON, just with carbon tubing! It looks fabulous with a bright gloss finish (and it feels very lightweight too!) Here is one picture below - New pictures as soon as we get some clear skies.

New Baron/Raptor (carbon tube low racer) race bike

HIGHRACER Bikes... read the report of the BACCHETTA team victory in RACE ACROSS AMERICA 2007 aka "RAAM 2007".

Also now available is the 700C wheel option on some BACCHETTA highracer models - 2 models can be fitted with 700C(622mm) wheels - these are the GIRO 26 and the CARBON AERO. These wheels are an option available from the BACCHETTA factory and Flying Furniture - just email for more information and pricing. Bacchettas are VERY easy to ride and lightweight bikes with superb design. With their minimalist and ULTRA efficient straight tube design they are VERY capable climbing bikes too so if you live in hilly areas, do have a serious look at a Bacchetta model. A few of the BACCHETTAs would make an excellent Audax bike - in my opinion the CORSA is the best dollar value "hill climber / long ride bike" for your money. Also the new 2007 STRADA 24", CORSA 24" and AERO 24" models are now available for shorter riders who still want a fairly high peleton friendly bike. The standard fast highracer STRADA 650C, CORSA 650C and Carbon AERO 650C models are still available. There is currently a STRADA 24" here for test rides with the several other BACCHETTAs that are here too.

MAY 2007

OPTIMA have advised the new Carbon fibre tube low racer bike based on the BARON is on its way here now. It has taken some patience to wait for this fine new model but it will be worth it. The new pictures of the production model look great with a bright gloss finish (and it looks fast too!) - New pictures here now so please email me to see them.

Greenspeed advised me that they were to send out a release to the media on May 19th 2007 announcing they are replacing the old GT3 with a new Series II GT3.

May 21st 2007 - NEW GT3 series II announced here!

With steering geometry that was over 15 years old the series one model GT3 needed an update. The new GT3 Series II has updated steering and some minor improvements in the kingpin design and a new lighter and stiffer Aluminium boom piece. Anyway go get a great deal on a demo GT3 series one now while there is still some left around...

This month we now also have the new SCORPION FX trike and the Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) Q narrow track trike both here for test rides. An ICE Q trike with suspension is just $3700*! Come and see why the rear suspended trikes are so popular ! What a smooth ride they give! Hey the new improved 2007 CATRIKE SPEED is here too ! (the 2007 SPEED has a new double bend frame with greater ground clearance without raising the seat, bar-end shifters as standard and the new new CATRIKE adjustable steering to fine tune the feel of the steering to how you like it - The CATRIKE SPEED and the CATRIKE 700 are the pick for anyone considering a high performance trike)

And of course we have the WizWheelz trike here too and the redesigned, relaunched GT3 Series II from Greenspeed. The new GT3 series II at Flying Furniture - It is true you do get the best advice and service at Australia's largest and original ACT Greenspeed dealer - and that is FLYING FURNITURE Cycles !


2006 was the busiest ever year for Flying Furniture and even more new bikes and trikes will be available in 2007.

In 2006 Flying Furniture was AUSTRALIA's LARGEST GREENSPEED dealer again.

In fact Flying Furniture Cycles has delivered many more Greenspeeds in Australia than anyone else over the last 4 years and we're still doing a great job for Greenspeed customers so yes...

** Flying Furniture is still AUSTRALIA's LARGEST GREENSPEED dealer! **

And for 2007 you'll still get the best advice and real trike experience at Flying Furniture Cycles.

And for January / February 2007 here are some more exciting firsts:

* The new and lighter OPTIMA BARON is coming very soon and the news is ALL GOOD. The new carbon-fibre OPTIMA BARON , renamed the "OPTIMA BARON ATTACK" 2007 model has been rebuilt from the ground up - using the original and best, well proven and well loved layout but with use of new materials.... making the 2007 BARON ATTACK weigh in at just 9 to 9.5kg in standard trim - lighter versions will be available and the very versatile all aluminium frame model will still be available too. Both models will have further improved performance, lighter weight and at a great price - this IS the hottest racing and Audax recumbent for 2007! I have just a few on order at present and some are already pre-sold - email for complete specs and pictures.

* The new FOLDING HPVelotechnik SCORPION is here now. With 4 pannier capacity and disks as standard HPVelotechnik have made the world's best touring trike even better by adding a folding mechanism to the frame - folds in 90 seconds to a manageable size or remove the quick release wheels in another 120 seconds and you have a very very small package - a very quick folding trike - but it still "unfolds" to be a full sized, ultra-capable touring trike importantly with 20" touring size wheels. Simply great design and engineering by HPVelotechnik. Book a test ride now.

* The new 2007 CATRIKE TRAIL is here now! The TRAIL is destined to be the most popular trike in Australia with three 20" wheels and the wide range of good tyres in this size you can take it touring or just ride it for fun. With 27 speeds and disks as standard and rated to rider and luggage of 125kg the CATRIKE TRAIL is the best value touring trike there is. And it is still lightweight and a very fun ride. All CATRIKEs also have quick release wheels and frame parts, so even though they dont fold you can quickly throw one into many a car boot or hatch with room to spare. Book a test ride now.

* The new 2007 BACCHETTA GIRO 26 is is here now - now with DISK brakes as standard. (Disks FRONT and REAR). And it is great value too. The GIRO makes a fabulous touring recumbent - lots of luggage capacity and the wonderfully comfortable Bacchetta "Re-Curve" seat for all day touring comfort. And it makes a fantastic city commuter bike too. Enjoy the efficiency and the better view from a Bacchetta GIRO 26 highracer touring /commuter bike. (AND The popular BACCHETTA CAFE commuter bike is here too.)


* Ian Humphries (The Flying Furniture Cycles race team leader ;-) beats all comers from the Canberra Cycling Club and ACT Veterans Cycling club at the new "Steve Hodge" Criterium circuit at Mt Stromlo. The 1.2km flying start "hot lap" on the new course was completed by Ian in 1 min 31.28 seconds at a 47.3kph average. Ian rode the M5 CLR (M5 carbon low racer).
M5 CLR (carbon low racer) race bike

It was a great race meet for recumbent riders with 18-20 recumbent riders racing on the new track over the 2 weekends of the Brindabella Challenge. Many people had never seen a fast recumbent before so a few eyes and mouths were opened!

Epilogue: 10 days later the 28 year old, 3 time UCI world Time Trial champion Mick Rogers takes the lap record by a slim margin - Mick's hot lap was 1min 28.54seconds - an average of 48.79km/h (less than 3 seconds or 1.5km/h faster than Ian). Ian and his M5 recumbent still holds the lap record for veterans of 40 plus year old riders. AND yes we do need a fast young rider to set the lap record on a recumbent - 1 min 20 should be possible with a strong very fit rider on an ultra fast recumbent like an M5 CLR, Velokraft NoCom, VK2, Bacchetta Carbon Aero or the new Carbon fibre Optima Raptor.

JUNE 2006

New for June '06:
* The test HPVelotechnik SPEEDMACHINE BIKE and SCORPION TRIKE arrived in May. HPVelotechnik's SPEEDMACHINE touring and fast sports bike HPVelotechnik's SCORPION TRIKE

The HPVelotechnik SCORPION sets a new standard in trike handling and ride - disk brakes and rear suspension are standard. The HPVelotechnik SCORPION is fantastic value for one of...nah the very best engineered touring trike around.

* The HPVelotechnik SPEEDMACHINE is also one very smooth nice riding bike - with enough sportiness to make you very very happy AND you can fit 4 standard panniers to this bike too.

* A new "COMMUTER" recumbent BIKE model is now here too. It features a tough cromoly steel frame, cool open weave padded seat, mudguards , mirror, sturdy and fast wheels, 100psi tyres, V-brakes, adjustable stem and handlebars, adjustable seat angle and position, rear rack as standard! Leave the car at home and ride everywhere in greater efficiency and comfort....

* M5 Carbon - 6.5kg THE leaders in recumbent development in The Netherlands, M5 have announced their new "carbon highracer". It debuted at the recent "Cyclevision" event.

M5 carbon fibre HIGHRACER with 650C or 700C wheels

Lighter and stiffer than anything else available. With a 6.5kg version available, it weighs just 7.5kg in standard format. See: M5 carbon

This high tech machine is the result of a unique combination of knowledge and experience which is not to be found at any other recumbent manufacturer anywhere in the world. 23 years of design and building experience has been culminated in this new product. Add the personal racing and record experience of M5 founder Bram Moens and a new norm is born. After half a year of preparation the new M5 Carbon High Racer has been presented on the annual event Cycle Vision. It's the lightest and stiffest production bike on earth! Stiffer than any comparable aluminum bike. This new and super fast M5 model combines a large wheel diameter with a seat height of just 48 cm / 19 inch. The bike which was presented on Cycle Vision weighs around 7.5 kg / 16.62 lbs, including the pedals, cushion and 2 x 9 speed system. When assembling even more exclusive parts the weight can be further reduced to a mere 6.5 kg, making the High Racer the lightest production recumbent in the world!

Available with 26"/650C wheel or 28"/700C wheel versions

Technical data: Weight: 7.5 kg / 16.62 lbs Seat height: 48 cm / 19 inch Wheelbase: 138 cm / 54 inch Seat angle: 17 to 26 degrees Crank Bracket: adjustable Bracket height: 66 cm / 26 inch Parts: customers choice Minimal inner leg length when using 559mm/26 inch front wheel: 84 cm / 33 inch Minimal inner leg length when using 28 inch front wheel: 89 cm / 35 inch When using 26 inch front wheel: mono carbon front fork, only 380 grammes. When using 700C/622mm/28 inch front wheel: double leg carbon front fork

MAY 2006

* The new "Suspended TOURER" recumbent BIKE is now finally available too.
The new suspended tourer recumbent bike - front AND rear suspension

These bikes feature:

  • Front AND Rear SUSPENSION, tough Cromoly steel frame, V-brakes
  • Shimano/SRAM groupset - Shimano Tiagra etc
  • Wide range 27 speeds
  • Comfortable "ergo" shaped, ventilated seat with cool "airfilter" foam
  • Rear vision mirror fitted
  • Rear rack included - makes a great commuter or tourer
  • Elegant curved frame design
  • Can carry up to 4 panniers and 30 litre rack-top bag - 90 plus litres of luggage!
  • Suitable for riders of varying height $2590 with rack and mirror

** The new "TOURER" recumbent TRIKE model is now here too.
The new recumbent TOURING trike

It features a tough cromoly steel frame, cool open weave mesh seat, 27 speeds, 2 front disk brakes, rear rack as standard.! Load it up and ride around Australia!

APRIL 2006

Flying Furniture has the HPVelotechnik SPEEDMACHINE and SCORPION trike coming soon - arriving this month for test rides*.

Also another lower cost new touring trike model is arriving soon - mesh seat, 27 speeds, disk brakes!!

Flying Furniture has a new AUDAX RACER model here now for test rides. The manufacturer specs include: Weight 11.5kg, FSA carbon fibre triple crankset, 27 speed, Deore LX parts, Disk brake, monoblade fork ==> Super fast - a great racer or Audax machine with rear rack and mirror included!

MARCH 2006

Flying Furniture now has BRAND NEW lower cost recumbent bikes at the price of a used one a year or so ago.
These bikes feature:

  • tough Cromoly steel frame, front DISK brake
  • Shimano/SRAM groupset - Shimano Tiagra etc
  • Wide range 27 speeds
  • Comfortable "ergo" shaped padded and ventilated seat
  • Rear vision mirror fitted
  • Rear rack included - makes a great commuter or tourer
  • Elegant curved frame design
  • Can carry up to 4 panniers and 30 litre rack-top bag - 90 plus litres of luggage!
  • Suitable for riders of varying height normally $1990 with rack and mirror


Flying Furniture now has a new single wheel trailer with waterproof bag included.

These trailers feature:

  • Tough steel frame rated to 35kg capacity
  • They are just $289* with mudguard and flag included
  • Waterproof bag included too
  • Reflectors included
  • (extra or spare hitch for a second bike $25)
  • Quick release rear wheel
  • Folding design - you can fold it up in about 1 minute

NEW single wheel folding trailer

NEW single wheel folding trailer folded!

*SOLD OUT* and no longer available. Flying Furniture now has unique GORETEX rainwear custom made for the recumbent rider!

These jackets and pants feature:

  • Durable 3 layer breathable Goretex material
  • Jackets
  • Guaranteed to keep you dry
  • Angled front zip so water doesn't leak through front zip
  • Underarm zips on jackets for coolness with storm flap to keep out rain
  • High Visibility colours and reflective collar and stripes
  • Folds/rolls up small too.


* I personally raced in another endurance race on a hot day in January '06 - riding 217km in 6 hours, without drafting or any assistance. Again I rode a M5 carbon lowracer. Effortless and comfortable speed, just fast fast FAST - still the world's fastest commercially produced bike and certainly at least on par with the NoCom with its own "tailfairing built into the rear stays" but the M5 CLR seems a much much nicer ride on the open sometimes bumpy road :-).

JULY 2005

* The Rowing bike is here! All round fitness on a fast bike is now acheivable. And it has a unique wide range "snek" gearing system for rowing up hills too.

* The Bacchetta bikes are here! Touring and racing versions available for test rides.

* A 4 man team riding Bacchetta bikes entered Race Across America (RAAM) and were the first recumbent team to finish, in the process setting a new RAAM record for unfaired recumbents: 4900km in 6 days 3 hours ! Congratulations to the ALS-Bacchetta team. A second recumbent team from JDRF-Velokraft finished about 12 hours behind the ALS Bacchetta team. Well done to those riders too - an awesome effort!

JUNE 2005

* M5 release details of their gorgeous new Titanium and carbon fibre low racer - see the M5 page links to the M5 news section. this new low racer has carbon fibre rear stays and a carbon-fibre monblade fork. The M5 Titanium + carbon fibre low racer

And there is also the M5 Titanium "city racer" pictured below. All titanium frame and fork and super lightweight. Like the new titanium lowracer the City racer can be fitted with the M5 carbon fibre tailfairing for the free speed that a turbulence + drag reducing rear fairing adds - approx 4km/h !

The M5 Titanium city racer

* Coming in JUNE - the Bacchetta Touring bikes and HIGHRACERS. Watchout - they are coming this month!

* Coming in JUNE - the new Flying Furniture composite tail-fairing - a lower cost but still plenty fast fibreglass tailfairing should be available this month. I have the first one out of the mould to muck about with already.


* I recently started updating the M5 pages to include the lightweight titanium models - still more to add on these fabulous super light bikes ;-)

* I personally raced a 12 hour endurance race in May '05 - riding 401km in 12 hours on a M5 carbon lowracer. What can I say these bikes are fast fast FAST. The distance I achieved was the best distance ever by a old Aussie recumbent rider like me ;-)

* I recently updated the Optima pages with a new page devoted to the popular LYNXX model. I'll add more info on the new lightweight Optima bikes as it comes to hand - the new sub 9kg OPTIMA BARON XLOW will be very very quick!

* I'm working on a new VELOKRAFT page - have a look at Velokraft. I also now have some pictures of the new VK3 superlight carbon fibre highracer and the NoCom carbon racing machine - email me for a copy and more details.

* I recently started adding info to the pages for HPVelotechnik recumbent bikes from Germany. The new aluminium bikes look to be a real advance from the older rather heavy STREETMACHINE. Well done HPVelotechnik!

* I've just added the excellent US made CATRIKE to the list of excellent quality trikes I sell.


* I will be adding a page soon detailing the many many recumbent and folding bike accessories I have available including the Radical Design trailers and bags, Chariot child trailers, Burley child and luggage trailers, ROTOR cranks, Windwrap (Mueller) front fairings, Velocity wheels, Pantour suspension hubs, Carradice luggage bags, Chariot child trailers and M5 aerodynamic tailfairing/tailboxes for extra speed!

MARCH 2005

* The new for 2005, Airnimal folding bike models, the JOEY and RHINO are available for test rides!

* website updates start :-)


* The total of countries that riders and their Flying Furniture bikes have crossed grows to twenty and is ever increasing.


* 3 Australian riders pedalling Flying Furniture bikes officially finish the PARIS-BREST-PARIS 1200km Audax "randonneur" ride in France in under 4 days. The fastest on these riders in just 3 days - without support. A top ride. Congratulations to Steve, Peter and Duncan who also rode the 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km qualifying rides before this.


* Flying Furniture Cycles now has several years research, design, and manufacturing experience building recumbents for my own personal use and others. Flying Furniture now has the Airnimal folding bikes and the leading Dutch recumbent brands of M5 and Optima. Custom made Flying Furniture bikes are in demand too. A Sydney woman rides a Flying Furniture TOUR model bike ALL the way across Canada.

August September 2001

* Ian and Bec ride their Flying Furniture bikes on a 4 months grand tour of Europe, with a visit to The Netherlands and the M5 factory.


* Ian Humphries completes all the qualifying rides of 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km for the 1999 PARIS BREST PARIS on the FLYING FURNITURE recumbent bikes of his own design and manufacture. The designs pass all these "test rides" with "flying" colours.
* Ian Humphries rides the 1250km of the 1999 PARIS BREST PARIS on a recumbent in just 69 hours 15 minutes. (This time includes stops to eat and sleep!)


* It all begins with Ian Humphries' first recumbent bicycle designs. Prior to this I had built several iterations of useful single and dual wheel bicycle trailers.

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