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M5 recumbents - world renowned high performance and touring bikes.

I personally visted Europe several times on fact finding missions to recumbent events to decide which were Europe's and the World's best recumbent manufacturers. In my opinion it was clear the M5 and Optima recumbents were and still are the best available with cutting edge design and manufacturing which others can only try to copy.


A personal favourite is M5 Ligfietsen. And M5 touring bikes start at just A$2990* - with triple crankset, rear suspension, rear rack and mirror included. (M5's from just A$3250.00* with dual suspension!)

M5 are the leading Dutch performance and touring recumbent manufacturers and THE world leaders in lightweight high performance recumbent design - the FIRST in many areas of recumbent design and with cromoly steel frame models and more titanium and carbon fibre models and parts available than any other. M5 recumbents - leading the way since 1983. As a brief example they have the new standard - the M5 carbon highracer is only 7.5kg (with a version with ultra light parts from just 6.5kg - the lightest recumbent in the world! Further details soon).

The most popular M5 touring model is the comfortable, beautiful AND fast M5 Shockproof with dual suspension - available now with two 20" wheels - the ShockProof 406 or two 26" mountain bike wheels - the ShockProof 559. I've ridden hundreds of recumbents and the most amazing thing about the M5 range is the perfect balance and handling of the M5 bikes, which makes them very easy to ride. You should find them a bit different to ride for the first few minutes but after a short time, the feel and ride of the M5's continues to reward the rider. M5 make bicycles you will enjoy every time you ride them, whether you ride for fun or commute or race. The are the most aero optimised bikes too so you'll find on an M5 you'll expend less energy for a given distance than on other recumbent manufacturers bikes. {The new '06 Optima bikes are indeed pretty close now though - eg Cougar, Stinger Race etc}

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With the experience of setting SEVEN world records, and wins in many many racing events, M5 bikes will also give you the speed and comfort unknown to the rider of upright style bikes. See the energy you can save riding an M5, the efficiency you can gain or the extra speed you can get by clicking here : M5 power measurement in controlled conditions on a Velodrome.

Do YOU want to ride Holland's leading recumbents and the fastest bikes in the world?

The M5 low racer has been independently, scientifically tested by the Human Powered Vehicle Association of Holland and demonstrated to be the fastest bike in the world… Also of course, the fastest recumbent! And the M5 low racer in carbon-fibre, at around a featherweight 8.3kg complete with Dura-ace parts, it is with the VeloKraft VK2 recumbent, one of three lightest production recumbent bikes in the world! And yes you can make it even lighter with some more exotic lightweight components. I have ridden a M5 Carbon lowracer over 400km in 12 hours - yes it does fly! :-)

M5 Carbon low racer

Other M5 bikes lead their categories by wide margins too! M5 bikes are designed by Bram Moens.

The fastest bikes in the world are also the most efficient - with much better aerodynamics you will use less energy to travel at the same speed as your friends riding "normal" racing bikes and you will be more comfortable too!

The M5 Shock Proof is the premium and most popular M5 model. A joy to look at and excellent to ride. They are highly sought after world wide. Prices for the ShockProof with dual suspension start at around AUD$4,300*. All import duties and GST included!
I've been riding a M5 titanium ShockProof around for a while and think it an exceptional bike combining super light weight and world leading aerodynamics, it is really a significant design from The Netherlands leading recumbent bike company.

The M5 ShockProof dual suspension features:

  • dual legged M5 suspension front fork (mono blade optional) ;
  • 406mm, 451mm or 559mm wheel choices
  • 18, 27 or 30 speed
  • Campagnolo or Shimano parts options
  • Carbon fibre seats - even a carbon fibre chainring guard is available.
  • Australian made Velocity wheelsets or optional 18 spoke deep section or carbon aero wheelset

It is also available as touring bike - probably the world's fastest with triple crankset (for 3x8, 3x9, or 3x10 speeds) and with V-brakes and 406 mm wheels with wider dirt road touring tyres. Fit the M5 side-bags and top bag for touring and you are set to tackle any road on earth.

Or do you want to ride the world record setting low racer, the fastest bike tested by the Dutch human powered vehicle association? Prices for the cro-moly steel low racer start at around AUD $3,800* while just a little more* will buy you both the fastest and lightest recumbent in the world. Either the new 6.5 to 7.5kg M5 Carbon highracer or at around 8kg complete the Carbon-fibre low racer is an unbeatable performance bargain! And again the M5 design team have excelled in making the Carbon fibre bikes pure and fast "artwork" with beautiful lines too!

Or choose other M5 models : The great value M5 20/20 from around AUD $2990 with 3x9 speeds, rear suspension, mirror, mudguards and rear rack included.

The M5 26/20 is an excellent touring machine too! It is available with hydraulic front suspension forks. It was recently the top choice of two intrepid Australians for their 9 month cycle tour through central Asia and the bikes didn't let them down. One M5 rider, Robert Seitz, also rode 4,000km in 14 days west to east across Australia. Visit M5 Ligfietsen, and peruse the "photo album" menu.

When fitted with M5 side-bags, the M5 bikes are also beautifully functional and fast touring bikes too. The aerodynamically tapered-shape side-bags hold 27 litres each and there is a choice of 17litre to 30litre capacity rack seat back "top bags" with water bottle pockets. The rack "top bags" slip quickly and neatly over the top of the seat.

Total luggage capacity is a very generous 84 Litres with the M5 sidebags and 30 litre topbag fitted.

* Please email to confirm current prices.

Also available from Flying Furniture cycles and suitable for M5 recumbents are the RadicalDesign side and top bags. Also see the Flying Furniture Cycles accessory pages.

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