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HPVelotechnik recumbents - world renowned recumbent touring bikes.

Fast, comfortable and reliable: modern bicycle concepts by HP Velotechnik - made in Germany.

HPVelotechnik design bikes for both daily use and long journeys. To meet these goals they do not only develop innovative bicycles, but also provide carefully selected, useful accessories. The new HPVelotechnik Streetmachine GTe and HPVelotechnik GRASSHOPPER are excellent examples of modern recumbent design.

Flying Furniture has the 2006 HPVelotechnik GRASSHOPPER , SPEEDMACHINE and SCORPION trike here in Canberra for test rides*.

The HPVelotechnik designers have made excellent bikes in the new HPVelotechnik SPEEDmachine and GRASSHOPPER - both can be fitted with underseat steering or above seat handlebars and I prefer both of these to the older Streetmachine design. You can use the Speedmachine as a touring bike too with 4 panniers fitted. Good design at work.

The new aluminium framed Streetmachine GTe and Grasshopper models are comfortable and aerodynamic and will easily carry you and your luggage on your daily ride whether it be to work or on tour. Have a look at the HPVelotechnik GRASSHOPPER to see how it looks for yourself. The new ergonomically shaped (fully adjustable) "BodyLink" recumbent seat and a crank position that is 12 cm above the seat height of 54 cm place the rider into a super comfortable AND aerodynamic riding position so that the rider stays fresh and relaxed on a long ride. Both these features make the GrassHopper an excellent touring bike.

"Imagine you get off your bike after a long sporty riding day and the only ache you're feeling is a tingling in your thighs. You can simply relax without the aching bottom, numb private parts, aching back or stiff neck" That is how HPVelotechnik's CEO Paul Hollants describes the most prominent advantage of the new recumbent. Who likes riding upright against the wind, anyway?

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The GrassHopper will enjoy smooth tarmac roads as well as off road trails or from time to time a stop at a nice outdoor cafe. The adjustable suspension at both wheels makes you relax even on bad roads since the famous No squat design by HP Velotechnik works without any influence from pedalling forces.

For the front wheel you can choose between 3 different MEKS Carbon suspension forks, at the back wheel a hydraulically dampened spring element spares the intervertebral discs and makes the bike easy to handle.

You steer the GrassHopper either with a foldable above seat steering or an under seat steering linkage. The well-balanced steering geometry allows even an untrained cyclist to quickly adapt to the GrassHopper and enjoy a swift ride. Handling is easy also in narrow streets because of the compact design with the robust aluminum frame and the smoothly running suspended 20" wheels.

At 170 cm (67") length and 100 cm height the GrassHopper is not longer but flatter than a conventional touring bike. This compact size means it'll easily pack into a standard bike box and it is handy when you want to take your GrassHopper with you in your car or carry it upstairs.

For safe braking the bike comes with rim brakes (Tektro V-brake/Magura HS33) or disc brakes (Tektro/Magura Julie or Marta). The gearshifter are SRAM DualDrive or a Shimano derailleur gear setup. On demand, HP Velotechnik mounts the 14-speed hub gear by Rohloff. Nifty accessories include for example the smoothly running SON front hub generator/dynamo.

Check out the full details of HPVelotechnik models available at the website of HPVelotechnik.

Please email for prices and availability in Australia.

Also available from Flying Furniture cycles and suitable for HPVelotechnik recumbents are the RadicalDesign side and top bags. Also see the Flying Furniture Cycles accessory pages.

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