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Unique designs exclusive to Flying Furniture

The Flying Furniture recumbent designs have evolved over the last decade or so to equal the best in the world. They have been raced at Human Powered Vehicle World Speed Championships and tackled the tough 200km Audax Alpine Classic in Bright, Victoria which climbs four mountains! They are hand made by Ian Humphries in Canberra.

These Flying Furniture models utilise the "Kingcycle" "n" handlebar style first used in Australia by Ian Humphries on a custom made bike in 1996. The newer "M5-European" "T" handlebar is also available on these models eg the new FLIGHT - the "T" or tiller style steering is better aerodynamically and very very comfortable too - it has been widely adopted by many others too - the choice is yours to personalise these custom bikes to your liking.

The Flying Furniture designs have been proven safe, super stable and easy to ride on even the wettest and most horrible of days in the rough and tumble of Sydney's, Melbourne's, Brisbane's, etc traffic and on extended tours to remote places (Three riders cycled 2500km across Australia's outback on Flying Furniture bikes during August 2000 and one was cycled 7000km across Canada). The current total of countries that Flying Furniture bikes and riders have conquered is over 20 - they are the bike of choice of Australian recumbent riders who tour! Two Australian cyclists even finished the gruelling Paris-Brest-Paris Randonee in France, riding 1200km in 4days on the Flying Furniture "PBP Special" model bikes.

Flying Furniture designs are what recumbent bikes should be and fulfill the comfort, speed and efficiency potential of this "easy rider" design! You will almost certainly be faster than you are now while riding Flying Furniture bikes.

The best designed and fastest bikes in the world are available from
Flying Furniture Cycles in Australia!

Flying Furniture Cycles makes the following models:

click to see a larger picture "Tour" - click to see larger pictures (50 k)
click to see a bigger picture "Ladybug"
click to see a bigger picture "PBP Special"
click to see a bigger picture **NEW** "Flight" **NEW**
email - picture not available "Suitcase Special" A custom order for those who travel regularly with their bike AND want to explore their world by bike!
  A "World Championship low racer" which packs into a bag for transport is also available as a custom model - utilising many lightweight carbon fibre components and the latest aerodynamic and racing ideas.

These bikes are suitable for commuting, shopping, fast weekend riding
or extended tours!

Prices start from A$2500. Custom cromoly racks, Rohloff 14 speed hub gears, disk brakes and a tailbox or rear fairing are all popular options.

All of these bikes can be fitted with tailfairings (including a folding luggage carrying fairing for the PBP, touring and "Suitcase Special" bikes). These bikes are light, efficient, elegantly designed and fast! Weight has been optimised and can be as low as 9.0kg (9.0 to 13kg), yet they can still carry a load of gear!

Some features:

  • Custom sized seat to fit the rider exactly (standard seat angle on "PBP special" model is 30 degrees and on touring models 35 degrees with other angles to order).
  • Adjustable boom to adjust to correct leg length exactly.
  • Comfortable and cool mesh seats.
  • Removable seats and boom for easier transport on buses, trains and planes.
  • Unique steering geometry for a very stable ride.
  • Aerodynamically optimised design for maximum speed.
  • Custom frame lugs at stress points for strength and durability.
  • Mounting points for lights and two to four water bottles (but the use of a "camel back" drinking system which hangs nicely in the tailbox fairing is recommended)
  • Aerodynamically efficient lightweight tailbox fairings with luggage capacity are an option.
  • Unique "Rocket pannier racks" fit 100% waterproof Flying Furniture "Rocket pannier bags". (These bags can be used with the tailbox for extended touring with minimal alteration to the superb aerodynamics of the bike
  • Handlebar mirror for excellent traffic awareness is standard.
  • 21, 27 or 30 speed all derailleur gearing (I don't generally recommend internally geared hubs or bottom brackets as these consume or lose a great deal of rider energy and reduce the efficiency of the bike but if you like the idea of a Rohloff hub with 14 internal gears I will bite my tongue and fit one for you :-)
  • designs to fit riders from 150cm to 220cm!

Some other options:

  • Disk brakes (a front disk is recommended for touring)
  • Front suspension located in the head tube is retrofittable to the touring models
  • Carbon fibre tailfairing
  • Various seat angles from 20 up to 45 degrees to custom order
  • Pantour suspension hubs - to smooth out road irregularities. A light and very active suspension system.

for more information about any of the bikes you see on this site,
please call Ian on 0419 697 405,
or e-mail him at