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Bacchetta recumbents - "real world" performance and touring bikes.

In 2005 I added excellent BACCHETTA bikes to the Flying Furniture stable and now the 2007 models are even better! The Bacchetta range of recumbent bicycles are the coolest and lightest of the USA's "high racer" and "real world" performance bike breed - bred and tested in the USA - city road and highway proven in the Race Across America. Bacchetta's are the ONLY highracers to make their bikes with different frame sizes so riders from 160cm (5'3") to 200cm (6'6") can enjoy the higher seating position and excellent view in traffic - they aren't JUST for very tall riders like other highracers. Bacchettas are VERY easy to ride and lightweight bikes with superb design. With their minimalist and ULTRA efficient straight tube design they are VERY capable climbing bikes too so if you live in hilly areas, do have a serious look at a Bacchetta model. The CORSA would make an excellent Audax bike - in my opinion the best value "hill climber / long ride bike" for your money. Ask me also about the new 2007 STRADA 24", CORSA 24" and AERO 24" models for shorter riders. The standard STRADA 650C, CORSA 650C and AERO 650C models are still available. There is currently a STRADA 24" here for test rides and several other BACCHETTAs too.

NOTE: Also new for 2007 is the 700C wheel option on some models - 2 of the Bacchetta bike models can be fitted with 700C(622mm) wheels - these are the GIRO 26 and the CARBON AERO. Both of these are an option available from the BACCHETTA factory and Flying Furniture - jusy email for more information and pricing.

Bacchetta AERO - easily under 10kg

TOURING: The sensational GIRO 20 costs from $2490* and the GIRO 26 with 2 mountain bike sized wheels from $2690*, both GIROs make excellent touring bikes with mirror and pedals included in those prices.

Bacchetta GIRO 26 - the touring Bacchetta

The 2007 GIRO 26 has TWO 26"/559mm mountain bike wheels and so rolls along nicely over any terrain and TWO disk brakes to stop you quickly in any conditions (Note 700C/622mm wheel size option available). **With rear and underseat pannier racks and seat back bag you can carry all your touring needs easily ** The GIRO 20, with a lower seat height is for shorter riders who like to tour.

All models have an easily adjustable seat - upright or reclined - your choice.

The "high racer" bike design is defined by the use of 559mm (26" mountain bike) wheels front and rear on the GIRO 26 touring model, or for the STRADA, CORSA and AERO performance models, the 571mm (650C) race wheelset. You'll find these bikes much more comfortable than your mountain or road bike and with better aerodynamics, you should be a lot faster too!

In June 2005, a 4 man team riding Bacchetta AERO recumbent bikes set the unfaired recumbent record for riding across America, from to San Diego to Atlantic City, 4900km in 6 days 3 hours, so these bikes obviously do roll really really well. In 2006 Bacchetta added the new CARBON AERO made of a mix of carbon and titanium. The CARBON AERO model is even lighter and faster again and the new flagship of the BACCHETTA lineup! With a special parts mix the CARBON AERO can be trimmed down in weight to under 8.0kg.

Scroll down for more photos or go and have a peek at the Bacchetta bikes website to whet your appetite for the leading US recumbent design - then come and test ride one for yourself!

Check the Bacchetta website for details of the lifetime warranty to the original purchaser on the cromo-steel, aluminium AND titanium frames - so they are tough too!

*Please email for current prices

The Bacchetta model lineup:

Bacchetta CAFE - new  and stylish - available in August 05

Bacchetta GIRO 20 - touring / commuting comfort

Bacchetta GIRO 26 - touring / commuting comfort

Bacchetta STRADA - performance AND comfort

Bacchetta CORSA - the best value performance Bacchetta - under 11kg

Bacchetta CORSA - "best value performance - optional carbon seat - fast, comfortable all day - a great Audax bike - around 10.5kg, approx $3500*
Bacchetta AERO - 10kg lightweight performance

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