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Flying Furniture recumbent bike designs - Australian made
M5 recumbent bikes from the Netherlands
Optima recumbent bikes and trikes from The Netherlands HPVelotechnik touring recumbent bikes from Germany Velokraft carbon fibre bikes from Poland
NEW! Bacchetta HIGH racers from the USA
Recumbent tricycles - GREENSPEEDS, CATRIKE and others
A brief history of recumbent bicycles
Why ride a recumbent!

Folding bikes from AIRNIMAL Designs in the UK

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Flying Furniture is a Canberra, ACT / NSW based Australian business supplying the World's BEST recumbent trikes, recumbent bikes and folding bikes.

Flying Furniture is located in Downer Business Park, 12 Bradfield St, Downer ACT 2602.
(at: Latitude: 3514'38.48"S, Longitude: 149 8'39.19"E)

Visits are by APPOINTMENT only.

Ride the best of the new wave of recumbents or see the ultimate travel and touring bikes.

Flying Furniture is Australia's most experienced recumbent retailer AND sells the broadest range of recumbent bikes and trikes in Australia. From trikes to the exceptional 6.5kg M5 "carbon highracer" to a full range of dual suspended touring and commuting recumbents. There are several different folding bikes and child and luggage trailers too and there are usually more than THIRTY recumbent trikes and bikes here to test ride.

* RECUMBENT BIKES of many different brands from A$1390

* RECUMBENT TRIKES with 27 speeds and disk brakes from A$1790

* WizWheelz and Greenspeed FOLDING TRIKES from A$1990

* The WORLD's best TRIKES from
are available here.

* FOLDING bikes from AIRNIMAL , BROMPTON and new SPINBURN models.

* TOURING bikes from ToutTerrain in Germany
(a dual suspension PanAmericana model is available for test rides.)

* Child trailers from Chariot and Croozer are in stock to view.

* Accessories, parts and trailers

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For more information about any of the bikes, trikes or accessories mentioned on this site, please call Ian on 0419 697 405, or e-mail by clicking on the top right OR bottom of any page AFTER clicking on any link at left, or read if from the graphic on the top right of this page.
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